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Smallcap World Still Struggling

According to the DealFlow Report, the first quarter of 2013 has remained weak in financings for smaller public companies. IPOs, venture deals PIPEs and reverse mergers all declined. Follow-on public offerings, however, did go up. Liquidity is the word of the day as investors would rather know that they can immediate trade the shares they

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Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Exempt from Broker-Dealer Registration

                    Websites run by AngelList and FundersClub were told recently by the SEC that they can help companies raise money without being registered as broker-dealers with the SEC. The sites limit access to deal information to “accredited investors” (at least $200,000 income or $1 million net

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Entrepreneur Tip of the Week: Find Your “Me” Time

Work/life balance (or as I like to call it work/less work balance) is critical to succeed in the marathon that is building an exciting company. In addition to spending time with family, it is very important to find time for the things you enjoy on your own to unwind and recharge. A nap, a spa

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